About Us
Michael Marquez Architects, Inc. was founded on a premise of Pragmatic Design melded with New Paradigm, "out of the box" Architectural design. A model that not only learns from the past, but uses it as a springboard towards the future, and which allows us to explore new avenues based on established track record. For more than two decades, MMA has been called upon to create dozens of designs to enlighten the soul and enrich the lives of its Clients, and at the same time, creating a sense of beauty and scale, while fulfilling programmatic requirements.
Michael Marquez Architects, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles by Michael J. Marquez in 1987 to provide comprehensive Architectural and Planning services. Since that time, MMA and its staff have provided Architectural services in a wide variety of project types and scales, ranging from Urban Design, Office Buildings, Mixed-Use Commercial, Resort Hotels, Entertainment Retail to Multi-Family Residential and Custom Single-Family Residences.

The Firm has designed projects from Malibu to Morocco and the staff comprises a diversity of talents, design and technical, which enable us to successfully utilize and challenge our communal professional skills. We also take great pride in the level of success achieved through the collective teamwork in every one of our projects. MMA has enjoyed the honor of seeing many of its projects featured in several publications locally, nationally, and internationally.

MMA also prides itself with regards to our success in virtually every City Planning Department, Specific Plans and Architectural Design Review Boards in Southern California. The numerous submissions which have been presented to the multitude of agencies, have been welcomed with a 100% approval record. In several cases, our submissions have been used as actual examples for future submissions.

MMA enjoys a philosophy that does not limit the creative aspects or quality of a project's design due to budget or other related constraints. Instead, every opportunity is taken to ensure that all of the fundamental elements governing a project are used to enhance the final product. This is achieved through an intensive collaboration with the Client and consultants, along with careful investigation into the best ways to accommodate the program. Whether large or small, every project is handled with an approach which respects the Client's desires and focuses intensely on their goals, resulting in awe-inspiring creations.

During his 30 years of professional experience, Michael Marquez has learned the importance of interaction with the Client throughout the entire process of design, development and eventual construction. Through attentive listening and clear understanding of the Client, we can implement the best possible solution, to establish the final form and function of a project that best suits their needs. Pivotal to MMA's team methodology, is the continuous line of communication between the Principal and the Client, from a project's initial concept to the collectively satisfying reality.

As evidenced in our constructed projects and those currently in progress, attention to design and detail is of utmost importance. It has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our Firm. This, along with the close supervision of construction, has been the very basis of our success.
MMA is committed to meeting the challenges of the future through today's intelligent design decisions. By infusing every project with sound and creative green architecture principles and low-impact materials that promote sustainability, and as a policy, we will always suggest green materials and green design alternatives to our Clients and encourage LEED Certification. In addition to those projects that pursue certification, we work with many Clients who wish to implement sustainable design elements without pursuing formal certification. Whatever the project, we work with our Clients to identify the sustainable design opportunities most appropriate for each project and to maximize sustainability, while keeping within budget and achieving all project objectives.
"Michael has used his experience, talent and taste, as well as his open and collaborative spirit, to make my dreams come true. And we've had lots of fun doing it."
-Doug Chapin