The Fresno Gateway Project was a Master Plan for a 10-acre site in the southern portion of downtown Fresno, directly across the street from their Convention Center. The program called for the development of a 116,000 SM of mixed-use space, including a mid-rise office building, a new hotel, multi-family housing, retail facilities, a food court, low-rise offices and an Armenian Culture Center.

One of the primary factors in developing this space was the concern for the residents and shop owners which were being displaced by the new development. Extensive care was given to assuring proper space was afforded the people who would be relocated. Therefore, all of the existing residences and tenants were given first priority in the new master plan.

A two story edge was created along the north part the site to relate back the street level activity which consisted of ground floor retail with offices above. However, large openings were created in the wall to bring people into the newly developed plaza which became the primary focal point of the project. It was surrounded with additional retail shops, the food court and provided the entrance to the new cultural center. As a direct nod to the Armenian heritage of the surrounding area, the plaza also opened up to an existing church to the west of the site, which is the oldest Armenian Church in California.

The primary automobile access was created across from the freeway off ramp on the east edge of the site. The entry drive lead into an oversized motor court which provided access to the office building, which in turn anchored the southern portion of the site, and the hotel near the center of the site. The office building also acted at the visual terminus for the primary axis to the heart of downtown.

The eastern and western edges of the site were established by the new multi-family housing and defined an extra sense of activity in and around the site.

Fresno Gateway
Fresno, CA