MMA performed a complete design study for a brand new multi-purpose stadium for a private school in West Los Angeles. The primary focus was to create a venue for basketball and volleyball games. However, the structure must also serve as a gathering place for assemblies and various art performances.

We took the approach of creating an open air venue to eliminate some of the normal built-in expenses of constructing the typical big box walls and a roof. Instead, a bow truss design was utilized, which was inspired by Santiago Calatrava’s footbridge in Bilbao, Spain as well as his award winning Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. The slender bow trusses would span the full 140 foot width of the basketball floor and seating area and reach the necessary inside clear height of 28 feet. The trusses would then be draped by a white tensile fabric stretched across the entire structure similar to the Denver International Airport and the O2 Dome in London, by Sir Richard Rogers.

The seating areas on both sides of the court were created by excavating an area for the main floor in the center and moving the excess soil to the sides. The sloping concrete slab on grade would then provide the stepped area for the seating on both sides of the court as well as keeping the overall height of the structure to a minimum. The resulting amphitheater design would also contain a stage at one end, which would provide a place for drama and musical productions as well as a general gathering place for other types of assemblies.
Panther Court
West Los Angeles, CA